Delightful Shortcuts for Google Docs

The shortcuts you love from Notion, Slack, Confluence and others. Format text and add visuals like emojis, gifs and stock photos, directly inline. Immediately accessible, lightning fast.

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For the love of Google Suite

Google Suite is freaking ✨magic✨
The first time we used it we fell in love.
Google Docs, Slides and Sheets still have the things that made us fall for them –

  • real-time collaboration,
  • auto-saving cloud storage and
  • inline proofreading.

But recently our eyes wandered.
We've been enthralled with upstarts and young guns.
They promised us new tricks like keyboard shortcuts, custom blocks, emojis, databases.
And we gave them a go.

They've pushed the user-experience forward and we commend them for that.
Our expectations have been raised for how we work, how we create, and *that's a good thing*.

But guess what?
We're still using Google Docs. We still love it.
We have history together. Our colleagues use it, our parents understand it, it works seamlessly with our email and we know it will be here 5 or 10 years from now.

We're not giving up on it – in fact we're doubling down. We're making it 💖 delightful 💖 again.

We're bringing ⚡️superpowers⚡️ to Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

Christoph & Jeremy

It's time to upgrade your Google Docs

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